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This is primarily a recs journal. (Those who don't write, write reviews, and those who are too lazy to write reviews write recs.)

The majority of the entries here were initially created so that I could keep track of my favorite stories, but over time they've evolved into a series of rec lists cataloging some of the most well-written pieces I've come across in the fandoms I follow; my hope is that they will be of use to other readers in search of high-quality fanfiction. Notably, I only recommend my very favorite stories here (which I'd like to think vouches for their quality), but a more exhaustive list of fics that I've read and enjoyed can be found on my delicious page.

If you've got a story to recommend that's not listed here, don't be shy -- feel free to send me a message! Otherwise, happy reading.

Holy Fuck
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This is epic.

one of the best fics i've ever read

Damon/Elena Fic Recs
List-in-progress.  (I'm about 5 min old in the TVD fandom, and have already been hooked by the hot mess that is "Delena."  My google searches for D/E rec lists didn't turn up nearly as much as I'd hoped, so I'll try to build on this list on the off chance that it's found by a wayfaring google searcher in the market for a good story.) Last update Jan 2013

Multi-chapter/Long Fics

Breaking Point by CreepingMuse. I was skeptical for a couple of reasons when I started reading this one: first, it's on ffn, which I've long since ridden off as a source of decent fiction, and second, the premise--Damon treating Elena to resist compulsion by compelling her--seemed a little too 50 Shades for me. The verdict? I'm an idiot. This fic is really well done. CreepingMuse shows impressive range, and her Damon is spot on.

One Shots

You May be the World by ladyknight. A Damon & Elena romance, in 1350 perfectly chosen words. I'll leave you with her summary quotation, since it's so gorgeous: "The gaudy lapis lazuli says he is a daywalker; the simple gold band says he is hers."

Laughing All the Way, a short, sweet Christmas story by Threejays. There are fics you love because they're what you wish the characters would do, and then there are the fics you love because they're exactly what the characters would do. This is the latter. ThreeJay's Damon & Elena banter feels so real I'm surprised it's not pulled out of an episode. Here's a snippet: "C'mon, Elena. Fess up. You're envisioning some sort of miracle on Bloodsucker Boulevard where I throw a feast for the town orphans or dress up in a Santa suit or something."

pathetic fallacy by vega_ofthe_lyre. damon, elena, macbeth. perfect. (ust like whoa.)


I don't typically rec manifestos, but then again, I'd never enjoyed reading one quite as much as upupa_epops's D/E Manifesto "I don't love you, but I always will" (yup, you read that right). She just gets the whole Damon/Elena thing--from the beauty and *fun* of their friendship to the anti-climax that is their romance, to the uncomfortable thread of abuse that runs through the entire thing. Read it. You'll realize upupa_epos understands more about Damon & Elena than you'll ever know about yourself, and that she should probably be writing the show, if not the universe. (And don't forget Part II)

Finally, for newbies (like me!), shipperjunkie has a concise little summary manifesto and rec list with a bunch of those nice, moving pictures kids seem to like so much these days.

Gale (iphignia939) has some hilarious episode commentaries. From what I've heard, most of her fic is Damon/Alaric, but her summaries are pretty gen/call-'em-like-it-is. final VD rec, just because it's begging to be done

SPN recs
Rough draft. I was going to write up nice little summaries, but I got lazy, so this is more for my own bookkeeping than a polished rec list. Still, as with all of my other rec lists, I only rec things that I really, really love (one "really" doesn't cut it), so I suppose it's vaguely reliable in that sense. Last update Jan 2013.

Swing Low by roque_clasique
The first purgatory/post-purgatory fic I ever read. It was so right that I didn't really feel like reading others. hurt!dean, too. Sometimes Purgatory was on Dean’s side.

Capacity by kalquessa
Dean, Sam, & (re)packing the impalla. Pre-season - season 5. A very well-packed 1800 words. Dean has this knack for getting the most amazing amount of stuff into the car.

Theodicy by manic_intent
His first significant Act of Creation shall be to forge l'hosif-or, his best-beloved, the Morning's Star. (God!Castiel makes Dean an angel. Dean rebels.)
This story is wonderful. Angel!Dean is an intriguing concept, but one that's easy to do wrong. This fic works because Dean retains his essential Dean-ness, and Castiel--as God--is a brilliantly written combination of the power-hungry character we see in 6.22/7.01 and the Dean-is-my-world angel that's existed for the rest of the show.

By a Thread by nansense.
I fell hard for this fic, and it's the first Dean/Cas story I really enjoyed. It's simple, brilliant, and has amazing characterization of Dean. On Sundays, Dean does laundry.

Life on Earth, also by nansense.

Bring it on Home by aramley
Cas, Dean, Sam, circa 1999. (I love the Cas-visits-the-boys-in-the-past trope, which may or may not actually be a trope, but should be, because it's the best idea ever.) Dean sees blue, bright bright blue, clear and focusing on Dean with recognition before the guy says, "Dean?" in a low, gravel-rough voice, and then slumps forward and passes out in Sam's arms.

anything by shireberries. Her version of Hunger Games (starring Dean, Sam, and other Supernatural favorites as tributes) is particularly well done, but I even like her ficlets. And that's a big deal, coming from me (I'm not a ficlet-y person).

Fire of Heaven
Five years after her run in with Azazel, Mary Winchester makes another deal.

Star Trek Rec List
I suck at being a live-journaler. My "journal" (if anything this devoid of entries can be called that) consists of exactly one entry, but I'm trying to turn it around. I'm in the midst of writing a massive Trek fic that I'll probably never finish, but until then, I figured I'd keep track of (and share) the best Star Trek fics I've read to date.

Quick note about this list: these stories are my absolute, all-time favorites: the ones that come most quickly to my mind when I think about ST stories to recommend. That said, there's thousands of excellent ST fics that I've read and enjoyed that aren't here (and thousands, hopefully, that I have yet to read.)

So, without further ado, here's an unfinished, ongoing list of the best of Star Trek Reboot (last updated Jan 2013, though 99% of these fics were written pre-2012):

Character/Relationship-Defining Epics: Long fics that made me feel differently about the characters and relationships they focused on:

You'll Get There in the End (It Just Takes a While) by Seperis
This fic has pretty much defined the way I think about Kirk and Spock. Anger, hurt, elation, sex, comfort, pon farr: this one's got it all.

War Games by Seperis.
Let's just put it this way: before I read War Games, You'll Get There in the End, its prequel, was far and away my favorite Trek fic, and I like this one about twice as much. Seperis is a master storyteller, and boy does this work showcase her talents. Trying to teach some one how to show, rather than tell, in their fiction? Make them read this.

Hold Me Down (This Starless City) by Tammaiya
Jim, ages 5-22. If You'll Get There in the End defined adult Jim for me, Hold Me Down has become my reference point for child-Jim. To paraphrase a well-written summary on someone else's rec-list, it's got a smart Jim, a protective but jaded Sam, an absent Winona, and a couple memorable OCs.

Alas, Spocktoria (Strive Seek Find Yield) What can be said about it? It's Jim + Spock, young Victoria style, but also so, so much more (Waldorph definitely improves upon the movie that inspired her). The Jim/Kirk chemistry is so tangible that you feel like you're in the room, and it had me grinning ear-to-ear throughout most of the story. I love Waldorph's smart!Jim (she's the one who gave us the √π233/hy7 series), and this has got to be one of my favorite AU characterizations of Jim, ever. His status as Prince of America makes his childhood just a tad less shitty, and lets his genius develop in a really awesome way. Spock is also an amazingly believable, complex King of the Federation planets, and the supporting cast--the enterprise crew, Una Pika, a few OCs--is used highly effectively. Can you tell I'm obsessed with this?

Reverse Order by blc writer. Kirk/Pike/McCoy, but reads more like an external POV Kirk/McCoy at the beginning. "Wordy as hell" and "wicked long," by the author's description; I'll paraphrase as "amazing." Genius!Kirk and a smart Pike--the POV--with fantastic depth and a consistent voice.

One Wing by Pepperlandgirl4
Very few summaries of this fic (e.g., Kirk and Spock stranded on a planet, Spock Prime bets on Kirk and Spock’s actions to save his life, NuTrek meets TOS) can get anywhere close to doing it justice. Just go read it.

And then go read…

Deeper Down, it's sequel. Kirk's capture by Anton Karidian drives Spock into a realization of his feelings. Cue rescue, and great K/S!

Switch by ceres_libera.
It took me a couple of chapters to really get into Switch, but once I did, boy was I hooked. I read it nonstop for about a week, only pausing to eat, work, run, and sleep (not always). The characterizations of Jim and Bones are perfect, and the rich details and and three-dimensional original characters not only make Bones and Jim's slow-building relationship seem believable, it seems inevitable.

So Wise We Grow by captanddeastar
Someone who rec'd this fic called it a "master class" in dialogue, and it's that and a lot more. Don't even read a plot summary of it--if you're remotely interested in Kirk and Spock, go start reading it immediately!


Other Fantastic Long Fics

Atlas by Angel Baby
This is a massive, plotty fic that you’ll love if you’re a fan of genius!Jim (and who isn't?). I’m massively impressed by the scope of the author—Angel Baby1’s—vision. A fic like this would only really work if told from another POV (in this case, an expertly-penned Spock), because you’d probably think Jim was a little too good to be true otherwise.

Collecting Fallout from the Blast
Jim's childhood, cleverly constructed in a series of snapshots that focus around his grandfather, Tiberius. Be warned: it'll tug at your heartstrings.

The Sum of its Parts
I'll Give you JB McDragon's summary, since it's so nicely written: The Casari homeworld is a place that has yet to become unified. The people are ready to join the Federation, but one rebel faction will do anything to stop it. Anything, including capturing a starship captain and his first officer. With Kirk's memory damaged and Spock's mental shields shattered, escape is unlikely. It won't stop them from trying.

A Beautiful(ly Illogical) Mind
Waldorph's epic √π233/hy7 Genius!Kirk series, with Jim playing "Good Will" to Spock's Stellan Skarsgard. Except that it's a lot hotter than that.

Every few months, I'll visit Waldorph's dreamwidth for the sole purpose of seeing if she's updated this fic. It's time well-spent. Spock met Jim when he was 7 and Jim was 6. It has since been generally agreed that this was a mistake (or: the one where they grow up together and things are simultaneously better and worse for it). K/S, kid!fic as you've probably never seen it done before.

Great Shorts:

Five to One and its sequel, Stitches by Alone Dreaming
Jim in captivity and recovery. 5 to 1 packs enough plot and character that I almost listed it in "epics," though it's actually quite short. And don't be intimidated by Stitches' massive paragraphs: it's one of the best recovery fics out there.

and they won't believe you when you write home about it by raphaela
Kirk/Spock, as told by a hilarious Sulu. Funny and heart-clenching all at once. If you like h/c, you'll love its sequel.

Murphy's Law of Jim Kirk Diplomacy by seven crows
An injured Kirk, a cold Spock, and a candid McCoy trapped on failing shuttle. Gen, with a great dynamic between K, S, & M.

5 Times James Kirk Almost Died and One He Didn't by Angel Baby
Overall strong fic, particularly if you like hurt!Jim, but chapter 2--in which a delerious ill Jim replays his father's last moments--is particularly inspired, and touching.

We'll Lie in the Shadows of Them All by hart and sole
In the chaos of an away mission gone wrong, Spock must mind-meld with Jim. In the process, he discovers secrets about Jim's past that irrevocably changes their relationship. Warning: graphic description of sexual abuse.

The Days and Hours by lindmere. 20 years in prison in less than 1,000 words. A Kirk/McCoy masterpiece.

The Czernak Protocol Another of Lindmere's brilliant h/cs. The nerd in me loves the academic language, while the nuances of Lindmere's story pull at the heart strings.


Smart!Kirk  Far and away my biggest kink, worthy of a greatest hits list of its own.

The Perpetual Check Series by waketosleep
Jim and Spock bond over chess. I'll think of a more worthy summary later; in the meantime, just read it.

Once Upon a Time by littlebirdtold
littlebirdtold has some great stories, and I think this one's my favorite. An AU featuring a 21st century smart!kirk, Spock as the prince of Vulcan (if you like Spocktoria, you'll love this), and a plotting Q, all neatly wrapped up in a fairy-tale package.

Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit
A new favorite of mine. Author Lazulisong interweaves an academy Kirk working on his Vulcan doctorate with scenes of his post-Tarsus recovery in the custody of a Vulcan "uncle."

That's all for now, though I'll doubtless be updating and adding to this.

First Entry!
this is your life
So, the beginning. This is my first lj post ever, so I'm not entirely sure what to do with it, other than say that I'll mostly be using this journal for fiction or the occasional TV or movie commentary. So, without further ado, my first fanfic to be posted on this site (part 1 of a Grey's Anatomy 3 parter):

Catch 1/3Collapse )

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